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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  April 29, 2011 2:30pm-3:00pm PDT

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>> this is "bbc wod ne americ" fundinfor is presentation is made psiblby the freeman fodati of new york, stowe, vermont, and honulu. newman's own foundion. the john. ancatherine t. marthufoundation. and union bank. >> union banhas t its finaial strength to work f a wideangef companies, from small businees tmajor rporions. wh cane do for you? >> and now, bc wld
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news arica >> this is apeci edition of "b wor news america" reportin fm london. they arehe duke and ches of mbrie and t futurf the itis crown. as the world watches, llia and ka are wed inestnster ey. from westminster ay to buckingham pace, the surgeof public affecon. hundredsf thsands of wl wishers fr allver briin d alaround theorld >> i'm after hry now. >> from carriage to convertible, william and kate a the key gure dring an ancient monarchy io th 21stcentury. welce tour viers o pbs i amica d alsoroun the globe. we are live at buckingham palace
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where tightoyal newlyeds e celrati their wedding with close families and frien. itollo a day of marital magic which al begant weminsterbbeybout 10 hou ago. almost malople thronged the streets ofondo to join the celeatiowhilecouness more watched on telisioaround the world. tonit's mprehensive coverage begins witour royal correspondent. >>n a y when the british monahy looked to the fure, the mo poignant ecrom e past. years after a newly married diana spenr std on the baony of bkingham palace, her beloved elderon william brought hibrid to gree the waiting cwds. none talks of fairy teals at a royal wed witng merknyme. there's beenoo much nnt family f. that but ts is day when a
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young man s ten int many pele's hearts. she'd emerged carefully from the hotel where she'been staying. giving the word its fir impse that have oh, so secret dress,n outfit of lace a silk. accoanied by her father, s was driven through seets more pack thathey have been f a royal wedding f a good many year at wtminer aby, her husband to be was wading -- was waing. he was dssed not in the uniform ofhe r.f. in whi seesut as a lonel o the irish guards. thbrid showed noa flick of ners wh she arrived. sh stood inse the great wes do of the abbey, her dress was justed, she took a dee breath and thent began.
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shewalked the hundredards of red rpetntherm of her father, perhaps heouldn't entily hide the emotions of fath givg away his daughte in marriage. the bride, though, wasothing but composure ielf. e alter, harry, brotr an be man, wasfferg reassuranc willm preferred comimen, yolook beautiful, he said,s ka took her place bide him. dear boved. are gathered here ithe
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sighof g and in the facef this congration to join gether this man and this woman inoly matry moan. -- matmony >> marriage ceremo was performed the archbhop can'tberry. >> i, william artr phillip louie, take three to my wedded wi. to have an to holdrom thi day forward, for better, for rse. for riche foroore inickns andn health. love and to cherish, until deh do us pa. according to g's hy law,nd thereto i givethee myroph >> iathr elizabeth,ake
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th, wilam artr phillip louie, to my weded husband,o have ando hold fro this da forward foretter, for worse, for richer, for poorer,in sickness and in alth, toove and to cherish, until death us do part, aordi to g's holy law and treto i give thee my trophy. >> there was o moment o xiety, the ripping appeared to too small. william persevere and on it went. a ment later t couple knelt by the hh alter and the arbish pronouncethem married. i pronounce tt th be m anwifetogether ithe name of
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theathe and of the son and of the ho gho. >> within the ay, the cheers of the crowds outde cou clearly be heard. kathrymiddton smiled iefl but of course fro that momt, shwas no longer katyn middton. thqueehad optedor tradition and madwillm the duke o cambridge. and so she joins th royal family as heroyal highness, the ducss oambridge. e maiage regisr signs prince william and hisife, we forrd to payheir respects the queen. bere ming theiray fm the abbey to the coronatnnthem, own imperial. with the formalitiesver,it waa chance for the oth principal players, bestain and maidf honor,father of the
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groom and mother of the wride ide,o exchange views on h had all gone. that certainly something a the guestsill ve bn discussing as they took their les the wedding home with them. r william and kh ri -- catherine, though, it s te to face the wider world. again, the was slight pse d a dp breath an they were out to face the waiting crds for the ceremonial carriage re backo bucngha palace. th was what huneds thousands of people ha been waiting for. ny of them had camped ou ovnigh measurfullthe weather had ayed dry, fin little here wh was they --inal here s wh they had com tosee, williaand therine togetr. the queen's veict, it was azin she said, as e turn to thepalace.
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the crowds werellow toill th mall in prepatiofor what was tocome next. no ral weddinguch as this could possly be compte witht an appearance on the pala balny. and no balcony appearance royal newly weds is permiible thout a kiss. she seemed game, he a little lesserta. but ter encouragement from below, it hapned again. inside the abbey earlier and n the palace, y wld have to very cynal not to be suck byhat nse of hop both for the couple and the institution which,or a its u and wns, remains a e core o brith li. in t skies abo, tre was a
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fly past l by e aircrt of e battle of britain. then aer a lun te reception for 65 guests, william a catrine reappear. it almost had the apprance of ordinaryewly weds art om thfact that thear was prince charles'aton martin an e journey was jt a short sk from buckingham palace and there was an.e.f. search and rescue helicoerverhead. ye william and catherine have finally ti the n -- kt. day ofappiness forhem and a sure fouation for the fute theritish monary. >> that littleoment there. among th 2,0 gsts o attendedodayceremony, inside westmster aey, was don mckinen. he's the fmer secrery geral the commonwealth. he joins me n. of course,hey and 3 friends also were inside there dancing awaye understand with a disco ball in the throne room.
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lord knows what the que is king of at. but you were muc morsolemn occasion. >> it was wderful. and ally there wereearly 2,000 pele ithe abbey and could yo st tell thathen the royal coupleame in,when e qun and the duke came in, there's a real fling of warmth going out to them. people- th is going to a eat y, we just reay want to help them make it a rlly od day. >> setimes those big, formal, ry tditial occasions and of course it is anccasion steeped in centuries of tradition, can b almt a ttle bit cold, can't they? but they seemed to mane to preserve some see of it bei a personal occasns wl. >> y had the aient monarch which goes bk a long, long way and a cole that really sort of, out othe celebrity fvor of this ountry, asell asart ofhe monarchy and the potics ofhis country. it was all mix upogether and u just had a couplthat really warme tthe people and the people wmed them. >>eing in ldon iseek,t stck mthat of course it's
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not just brits who have tued out to watch. this i've been amazed byeople om a over the world who have come. of course you were sectary genel of the commonwealhen caerinnd william become queennd kgf brain. they're also going to be the monarchs othe mmonwealth as well big role. >> it is. and one would have to say, now the wedding'overone hopes th they can have a few yrs of absole pee because it was a huge job there and'm ner foetfuof the fact that the queen says thaher st years we those few years beforshe ascendedo th thron marri and,njoying married life and one hos th this couplean gethe se kindfeace >> the brits always talk about the fact that we'reart of a declinedf no decling empire. i was wondering, doest still matter tpeop in the coonweth to have kateand wiiam? >>his something ve exciting and after allwe le we ve in a pretty bad news rld the days.
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everyo loves thistheyant be rt oft. but everne i the commweal, no matter wt country ey'r in, ty see the commonwealth, theyee t monarchy difrent. and e fa tt th monarchy can sprd ielf acros 54 untries and be relevant a the commonwealth remains relent, 's a constant chalnge. and at'shy people likme haveharg to do year after year. keep it relevant. >> certainly see relevant toda thank u very much. ad you had a good day there. now, much more about th crital ement ofoday that dress. after months o spulation abt what kat middleton wld wear to r weddi, t mystery was solved when she stepped into herimousine thisorni in an ivor gown by sa burton, the head desner of alender quee the whe experience hadeen an incredible honor. r ctureorrespondent has more onhe dress.
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>> it wa the momt the secret waut. e handmade hamon crt lace, the iry and white satin, the fitted sellet, the inspition and openinglower. norer more many, today wasll abt the dress. >> i coun't have bn more peect. it was very classicvery grace kelly. e simple, elegance. >> when she was walkin down it look as if it was floatg in midair. >> and iefl seendjusng thtrain here, weaw the designer, sa burton, the wman who how ples the -- w n leads the alexander mcqueen fashio hou. the inspirion? have a lk at. this a middle class gl who became a princess. >> when grace yell will become the bride ofhe pnce of monaco. >> as soon as you ok a her, u can in actl fact see styling from grace kelly. you c see it completely, tt
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wonderful high nec the long slves. it was a tal breataker >> it sn't just the queen, this was f a ht of brish designeran extraordinary globed a vert. and sooas t dss appeared,ketching began. sue wi have hers in the shops byuesday. this dreill avel far. >> now, i'm tol that some people s theedding dress was too plain. i thout itas ablute stunng and as if at wasn't beautiful enoughe ha just had pictures of what kate middleton is wearing tonht at her party. it is also by saraburton from the housef alexander mcqueen. beauful,ong, sin dre with that tdema alexander mcqun sier belt a that little whi shrug that she's wearing ov her shoulde. i'lle backn a knew minutes with more from london. more of the shio iope. nobacko washington for the re of e day's news.
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>> tnks. what dayo remember what a ght to remember. no und pomeresident obama visited e storm-ravagedtate of abama afternear 320 people were killed. sayinghat he'd never seen devastation ke this, the esident vowed to help ose who surved a stnearly erytng else to mother nare's extraordinary and unpredictable roh. >> apeople picke through the nten of what was home, the president ca to visit. tuscaloosa is small city. it w perhaps the worst wh affected area in some of t most viont storms arica's stor in a local gym, pside obama met ople livg here. >> we have fd and wer over ere for those that nee it. >> he said hd ner seen devastation ke it. and his government uld do all it couldo help peoe rebui. >>ou'reeeling betr? i want tm tmake a commitment
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to theommunities here tha we are going tooeverything we can thelp the communiti rebuild. can bring those who have been lost back. ey're alongside god athis int. can helpaybe little bit with the families dealing with the grief of having aoved one lost. t the propertdama, which is oiousxtenve, that's something that we cado sothinabout. >> this is what destroy an killed one of ma tornadoes t hitouthn states on wnesd night. theamag was widesprd. this part of ameri is used to stms. bunot e number of torna that came in one night and the devastation ey caused. ese ildren we inside their grandma's hoe wh the storm stru. everne survived buther fear that nights still fre in
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her min >> hur hurt hurt becausi couldn't get to tm. couldn't get to nobody, nody uld get to . >> president's response s bn ick. keen to see t damage and be en o theroun as a leade who understands the scale what happened. >> from a domestic dister to handling a brewing crisis abad. today pridenobama signed an executive orr imposing new sanctions agains sia's intelligence agency and t retiveof president assad. the move comes on the sam day that t topnited nations human rights body condemned syrifor ingeadly force against civilians. but inside the country there are more rorts of secity forces fing on demstrators and today human ghts groups say thatt least 48 pele were killed ithe test clashes. r more on the diplomatic pressure growing against syria i'm woinebyhebc state
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departme corspondent. ki sancons re against cotry that's already had so ma sanionsmposed against it, e ofhe things highlighd toy, sctio agnst e i.p.ircrt parts is ts rely going to me a differen? >> it's no going to have aig impa onsyria, not an imdiatone at least. but this mea to sd a sial tthe rian authorities that washingto believe the violence is uccepble. it's ao theirst real coretection that washington takes. and it's part of a gwing ternional pressure on syria. as we mentned wehad thevery stng condem natn of the rian vionce at the u. huma rights council in geneva and we're ao hearing nisesn ennathe u.n. nucar watchd, is signalinghat it could perps rfer sia tthe u.n. secity council for buildi a secret nlear reactoand of cours the brotr of president assad has been targeted ose sanctio. that's qui a strong sigl. >>he gime is epared to
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ll demonsttorsy the doze, hundreds, sueler these kinds of nctions are going to be le fl bites, aren't they? >> it shs that washington has not a lot ofevere on ria antall can is send those strongessasnd perhs if the violence continues ty will try continue to isote sya. but the message isuite strong. alsoecause presidentssad himself was t targeted i those sanctions and at's a verynterting point. they're giving him a way out. it's posble. we don knoat theoment. theyertainly won't sa whatmerin officials sd when wesked them wy president assad was not targete the said, well, the sanctio are targeting people o ar responsible, who order the abuses. we said,oes that me tha president assad is not in charge of the country? they didn't really awer e queson b it ds raise a interesting poinabouhow the view te country, whe th are perhaps ting to give pside asd a y out. they did tal about givin peop a choice. that all harkins back to t idea that esidt assads
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perhaps a rormer, that he wod li to try tbrinabout ange. a lo ofeople disagree with th they. buit ds give him a choice to change course. >> people are cliing to that hope thanks and in an uate, the interior nist mow rocco says that the device waset off row motely. people were killed inhat attack including forgners from canada, frae, btain and the nethlands. well, the celeatiomay be delayed in floda but i ldon the party is still in full sng afr the marriage of prince william and kate middleton. you know what i'm talking aut. no known as t duke and duchess cambrge,heir wedding has be a day-long and night-long celrati and we can noget back outsid buingham palace, loong splendid herself, but is not taking part inhe pty. what's going on? >> i know. you see,'m out here a th're l inside there partyingtill the crowds are just staing to
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goome they certainly turned o in ge numbers her in loon. thexcitement isn con tabled to the u.k.tll -- isn contained tohe u. atall. twbilln people fromround e world arehought to have watched the wedding from banok to bton, peoplejoined in the celebratio andatched the cemony unfold. we take a look athe inrnatnal attention. >> a marrie me inondo but port around the world. can >>- the weddingas headline news across t globe. >>his is a special edition of "gd moing america." >> above alln america. >> history in th making. >> where they particularly appreciate the majestyf th british monarchy. in times square, new yk, pycacouples even tied the not the sametime >> thiis the wedng of the century. and just to be ablto sre - [inaible] partake ithe me
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y isust awesome. absolutely azing. in d knit tying dferee was -- the time difference w no briero hing a good party. >> we are part of the commwealth, whether we likit or not and i jus tnk that w not embrace if? joyt. enjoy being a part o a royal fami. >> and the was similar scenes celration on almt every ntinent. british power and influence in the world may t be e same as itas wn theueen herself wa married, t there's sti a global fascination wh the lavish pp and ceremony which britain does so well. >> just like thosebroa many britains who couldt ma ito london today sll dn't miss the chance to celebrate. hundreds of stet partiesnd local evts were held right acss t country t mmemate the day and the c has been tone othem.
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>> a i love tt dress. >> more than 00miles fromhe aby -- 200 les rom the abbeand e sprinkling of imagininan fairy dust from afar, tse wchingt this crict club. the tnenter, it'sime for traditionalunti and dressle tles. two pele g marriedrompng miionsf to part >> we cebra the wding of prce william and h beled kate. it's not hard to attract a crowd, eecially for free party. this oneaidn by the council. the stime it repsents is replicated many times over. in bs, houses an squares. it may be fleeti butherever theye held, street parties engender a sense of natnal ity. >> fantastic.
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>> she held oo herathes hando tightly. >> this y is going to remember ball e children which is reall reallnice >> i thinkverydy here feels a realconnection to them, evybod students o live in the town alike >> ce on. i w really pleas to hear that it s going acrs th divi in rthern ireland and they are celebting together. >> ihink they're realappy yeah. and i think tynjoyife. >> inlkly and no doubt elsewhere,hereill always be voes of dsent >> it would be nice to geome
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of this for a better causehan a wedding,it's a royaleddi but 's a weddi at the end of theay. >>hatere know about british reserv it doesn'take much to nudge people intoavi a good time. it' jtn opportunity that everyo's o in a reay good mood and having fun. i'm aft har now. hap wedding day! >> is been quite a extraordinary daynd nht here in ldon. ifou wt to see me o tho wonderl imes go to our weites well. foall of us at "c world news erica," thanks so muchor watching
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>> hello and welcome see the news unfold, t the top sties om around the globe d clk-to-play video reports. go to bbc.m/ne to experience e inepth, expert reporting of "bbc world ws" line. >> funding was made poibley the frman undation of new york, owe,ermont, and nolulu. newman's own fndatn. the hn dand catherine t. macarthur foundation anuniobank. >> union bank s puits global exrtise to work for a wi range of comnies wh can we do for you?
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>> "c world news america" s presented kce los anles.
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